5 Fun Mother's Day Ideas While In Quarantine

On any typical Mother’s Day, families usually go out for dinner, go on a vacation, go to the movies, get mom pampered at a nice local Spa and anything under the sun that would make mom happy & loved.

But when you’re stuck at home & most establishments are closed, continuing your usual family traditions on Mother’s Day can seem impossible. Instead of sulking & feeling frustrated, now is the best time to let that creativity in you come to play. There are so many things to do at home that you never thought would be so fun.

So, we suggest these 5 fun things to celebrate Mother’s Day at home and to help squeeze some ideas out of your brain.

1. Breakfast in Bed

    It’s a no brainer, huh? This may not be a unique idea but who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, bacon & eggs --- especially when it was prepared & cooked by your husband & kids? Wake mom up with kisses & a yummy breakfast in bed seasoned with love.


    2. Family Memories

      So, while mom is having her breakfast, it would be nice to bring out old family albums & soak in the memories of yesteryears. This is also a great opportunity to let mom talk about her younger years, how she met dad & maybe even some silly ones including her secrets from her youth.


      3. Give Her a Makeover

        Since you couldn’t possibly go out to her favorite Beauty Salon, set it up at home. Grab her favorite nail polish color, a hair blower, bring out your make up kit and give her a total makeover! Everybody can join too. Then take a family picture after everyone is looking good. This photo will definitely be remembered for years to come because it was taken on a historical day.


        4. Cook A Meal Together

          Of course, there’s always the food-- whether there’s quarantine or none. Take this time as an opportunity to actually enjoy the kitchen. Have fun cooking & talking about recipes and even old family recipes. It doesn’t matter what food you cook, what matters here is the bonding that you probably rarely had before COVID-19.


          5. Surprise Mom

            Finally, to end the day, surprise her with your gift. Bring out that personalized jewelry with her name or perhaps names of all her family members and their birthstones. Nothing can touch her more than a meaningful gift that’s uniquely hers. A jewelry that is beyond an accessory, it tells her story.


            If your mom isn't with you and you can't be with her on Mother's Day, send her all your love ( gifts, food, etc...).

            But most importantly, call her and talk to her without minding the time. Talk to her for hours and listen to her stories though she might have already told you a hundred times.

            So, go ahead and secretly plan these activities with your family--except mom. Do some brainstorming and you'll be surprised to discover that staying at home isn't boring after all.

            Share your thoughts or other fun stuff that you know on the comment box below.

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