Should You Buy Yourself Jewelry?

There are many reasons why people buy (or don't buy) jewelry but many regard wearing jewelry as being materialistic. While this may be debatable, we think it's personal -- simply each to his/her own.

However, we want to share a personal story from a woman who never really valued jewelry until she turned 43.

"I met my husband when I was thirty. It took us a while to get through our personal histories to form our forever bond. By the time we did, I was 35 and worried I waited too long to have children, so my fiancé and I agreed to focus on creating our family before getting married.

I had a miscarriage, then, thankfully, my first baby. We got married. I had another baby, then two weeks later, I turned 40.

With all the things on motherhood, my needs were overshadowed. When I awoke from the haze of differed self, diapers, and screaming babies - whoops! I was 43.

Even though we had been married for three years, we had no time (or funds) to buy a ring.

To reclaim myself, my connection to my feelings - to even begin to know who I was - required ingratiating myself, to myself.

What do I like?

What do I want?

Now that I have solidified the gargantuan task of finding a good mate and secured having my family - What drives me?

I have time for my own feelings now - What are they?

I watched my young daughter dressed up in purses and shoes. She delights in shiny things. Pink things. If there is an accessory, she wants it!

A two-year-old doesn’t practice pretense. There is only pure being, pure delight. I watched a little human with no judgments from self.

So, I allowed myself a Tiffany necklace. Wow!

Then ordered my wedding ring. Bazaam!

Gold is shiny. Diamonds sparkle in my eyeballs. I can actually experience the sensation of my eyes being excited.

It is amazing.

I’m sorry I previously judged jewelry wearing as unnecessary.

I didn’t understand it.

As a stay at home mother, I work! I work hard!

I get paid in smiles and hugs, of course!

There is also much more negativity I absorb than I receive (as positivity) from my kids. I don’t get bonuses in the same way my husband does from work. I looked death in the eyes when I delivered my kids for goodness sake!

I breastfed. If you aren’t familiar with breastfeeding, ask a mother how easy it is. 😉

Of course there are healthy and happy kids at the end of my efforts.

But if service professionals suffer from burnouts when one is in the giving position without re-upping their own reserves, moms need their own bonuses too. A bonus with no other aim than to delight these wonderful ladies.

As a last side note, I love Spinoza’s quote, “the order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of things”.

I try to see situations, feelings, desires, choices, from so many sides (as much as I am able, to hold as much truth as possible.) A diamond seems a fitting symbol as a physical form of this practice - faceted, strong, illuminating.

To witness it often on my hand, feels an affirmative reminder that there is an ever larger reality, being created by our willingness to create more facets for light to shine in.

I don’t know that I would have had the opportunity for these feelings and desires without my experiences. I am grateful." 

If you're a mom, then you might relate more to her experience. So, if you ever wonder if you should buy yourself a jewelry, think of it not just an accessory but as an energy and confidence boosters. But most of all, everyone deserves something nice to wear. (It doesn't have to be a Tiffany or Cartier if the budget is not enough -- it could also be Jeweled Message.)

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