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Discover pearl’s allure — perfect for June and far beyond
To limit pearls to June birthdays would be a lot like limiting water to streams and ponds. Pearl beauty, appeal, and style — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. And thanks to cultured pearls, developed in the early 20th century, most women can afford them.
Pearls form inside a mollusk, a combination of the mineral Aragonite and a protein called conchiolin. This protein is the organic building block of the mollusk shell. We feel pearls are alive when we see their inner glow and iridescent...
5 Fun Mother's Day Ideas While In Quarantine

There's no certainty how long this lockdown will take place. "Social Distancing" is the new law not just in the US but the whole planet. And moms, just like the frontliners, are feeling the pressure of how to get the new "normals" play in the family especially with the kids.From kids going to school or childcare suddenly do home-schooling. From activities done at recreation centers, playgrounds & parks to the living room or the basement.In just a few months, the normal course of doing things have totally changed. It is just but right to make this the most special Mother's Day possible.One thing is certain -- No matter your plans, Mother's Day 2020 will never be forgotten. This year is going to be one of the most important Mother's Day celebrations in memory.

Personalized jewelry is a unique, meaningful gift for holidays, special occasions or for any reason at all. Here are three ways to personalize your jewelry in such a way that it's full of meaning & truly tells your story.
Young People Don't Want Their Parent's Stuff
Change Is Inevitable. What was so important 30 years ago may be deemed a trivial thing nowadays. What one may have treasured 50 years ago may mean nothing to her/his descendant today.
But one thing's for sure, our stories can't be changed. So make sure, the stuff you leave your kids won't only make them remember the good ol' days but they can wear & carry with them & not stuck it in the basement to accumulate dust.
Choose Your Own Jewelry Styles
When you want to buy jewelry, you have to choose the one that can compliment a formal outfit or for daily wear. It is not cheap to buy one, so think carefully before you decide. If you make the right...
Birthstones And Their Meanings
There are a lot of legends and lores surrounding the practice of wearing birthstones. Many people believe that the idea of wearing birthstones started out as a marketing ploy by companies selling jewelry, but the reason behind the practice is...